Rental Policy/Disclaimer

Rental equipment to be returned during POSTED business hours for return inspection. Please check in with the rental department.

Renter will NOT RETAIN rental property beyond the “DUE IN” time without prior notice to and the consent of Mueller Implement. Renter will pay rental price IN ADVANCE or with prior approval from Mueller Implement immediately upon return of property. Renter agrees to pay all collection charges, if rental is NOT paid when due. Mueller Implement’s sole discretion may report property stolen if held (5) days beyond “DUE IN” date. No THIRD party billing.

Rental equipment are NOT to be used in rocky conditions nor demolition projects. Renter agrees to return equipment in same condition in which such equipment was received, ordinary wear and tear expected, and agrees to pay for any damage to or loss of such equipment while in renter’s possession or control. Flat tires are not considered as ordinary wear and tear. Deliberate damage to rental equipment, renter will be prosecuted.

Renter is responsible for insurance coverage on rental equipment and waives and releases Mueller Implement from all claims for injuries or damages to renter arising out of the use of rental equipment.

Daily Rate = Minimum = 4 Tach Hours  Maximum = 8 Tach Hours
Weekly Rate = 3 x Daily Rate with Maximum = 24 Tach Hours
Monthly Rate = 3 x Weekly Rate with Maximum = 72 Tach Hours
Fuel extra.

Call Diggers Hotline (800) 242-8511
To be certain the area chosen has no underground cables or water lines.